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Magnifying the View of this Website

  • Hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and tap either the + or – key to increase/decrease font size
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Speaking this Website Aloud, Translate, or Add Synchronized Highlighting to the Text

  • You’ll note an orange icon in the upper right corner of this website with a headphone image. This represents my inclusion of the TextHelp tool – Browse Aloud. When clicked, this will offer the ability to hear the text on the website read aloud, a choice of languages for translation, and many other supports. Give it a try!
  • You’ll also note a blue and white icon in the upper left corner of this website. This represents the free program Userway When clicked, this will offer a range of accessibility tools that a user can activate if needed.

Enhancing the Information You’re Viewing

  • Diigo has a wonderful Web Highlighting toolbar that can make your web reading experience more enjoyable.