Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment

An exploratory career assessment is defined as a process of utilizing career exploration resources and/or methods designed to provide information on the next steps in long range planning for the individual. Investigation and education in jobs and job clusters, taking into consideration the individual’s interests, needs, abilities and functional capabilities. A vocational evaluation builds upon this level of assessment and provides a broader and in-depth evaluation that involves the use of work that is real or simulated to determine career strengths and opportunities.

Vocational evaluation practitioners realize the importance of triangulating approaches that can offer the most comprehensive picture of an individual’s true abilities. They conduct interviews, observe behavior and work, administer psychometric assessments and, most importantly, utilize hands-on work samples that, in their totality, offer opportunities for multiple examples of performance.

Involving trained and certified vocational evaluators to assist in a career assessment process are invaluable. These individuals have achieved both the academic coursework and hands-on training in the professional fields of vocational evaluation and career assessment.National certification with the designee of Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialist (CVE) or Professional Evaluation Registry (PVE) indicate that this individual maintains currency in their professional skills and education.

The professional association, The Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Professionals Association (VECAP), has been voicing their commitment for the importance of universal design for learning (UDL) in the vocational evaluation and career assessment process since 2009. A copy of this adopted national position paper can be viewed at,


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